Autumn Leaves – a short break

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Dear fellow bloggers, especially those kind folk who follow my blog,

I must apologise for taking little (if any) part in Friday Fictioneers and Pegman this week. I’ve had a cataract operation and, as I’m pretty presbyopic, although my distance vision is good, I don’t yet have any spectacles for close vision. So I can’t read the standard screen, and I am only able to type by touch. Hopefully, I shall have some adequate specs by Friday, but I can’t be sure.

So, please excuse me not reading and commenting (I shall try to write something – I can’t bear not to write!)

Thank you for your forbearance!



9 thoughts on “Autumn Leaves – a short break

    • Thank you, Fluid Phrase. All has gone well, and the vision is gradually settling down. I managed to write a couple of stories this week but it’s been a strain to read other people’s, so I’ve only managed about half of them – apologies to those I’ve missed!

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    • Thank you, Luccia. It’s a wonderful operation, because vision in my left eye had become quite poor, and now it’s crystal clear. The only difficulty now is that close vision is very poor. I’ve bought some reading glasses, but until the eyes settle down I can’t get a fully satisfactory pair. Still, I’m delighted with the improvement!

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      • I’m so glad. My mother is going through a similar problem, cataracts and unfortunately glaucoma too. I read a lot of audio books now while I’m cooking or on my bike or just tired after a long day. Have you tried them?

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