#tuesdayuseitinasentence : Hard and black and heavy

Lynn Love is an excellent writer. This short story comes from her blog on WordPress, Word Shamble. The story is beautifully constructed, and packs a serious emotional punch. I find it well worth ‘following’ her blog, both for the pleasure of reading it, and for what I can learn from it as a writer.

Word Shamble

Lady Justice, blind, blindfold, balanceImage : Pixabay

‘It was just an accident. There was no reason.’ He wants to sit down, you can see it in his body language, the uncertain bobbing between standing and the hard backed chair.

It’s ridiculous, of course. There are always reasons. He was rushing home to watch the match on TV; he only had a provisional licence and was driving alone; the road was wet and the brake pads were worn. All small decisions he made that led to this.

There’s a spot of dried blood on his neck from where he’s caught himself shaving and his shirt’s grey from overwashing, crinkled as if it’s just been pulled from the laundry basket.

The sight makes me furious. That he didn’t deem this day important enough to buy a new shirt. That he’s too lazy to iron the old one.

That my son isn’t worth the effort.

Finally he sits. I…

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