What Pegman Saw – Scoop!

“What Pegman saw” is a weekly challenge based on Google Streetview. You can read the rules here. You can find today’s location on this page,  from where you can also get the Inlinkz code. This week’s location is Panama.

WPS - Panama - 200531


The cable-tie bit into my wrists, stopping me saving myself when I stumbled. The FARC soldiers laughed.

“Not far now,” said one of them, “only another couple of hours!” They laughed uproariously.

Their camp in the jungle looked permanent. They shoved me, wrists still secured, into a cabin. It smelled stale.

In the conflict between pain and exhaustion, exhaustion won. I slept, until a boot in the ribs woke me. Groaning, I opened my eyes.

The girl carried a knife.

“Sit still. I’m not going to hurt you.”

Startled by her American accent, I looked again.

“Lucy! You’re Lucy Cullen the girl who was kidnapped!”

She drew a finger across her throat.


Swiftly, she cut the cable-tie.

“Go west. You’re only five miles from the road.”

“You coming with me?”

She glared.

“You’re just Yankee shit. Rafael, the boss, is my man. He told me to kick you out.”