The Dove on the Pergola – 16th July 2018

The dove on the pergola 180618

Last week, my daughter very kindly offered to buy me Scrivener software for my birthday. According to the Literature and Latte website this is a software package that helps the writer organise all the many different elements that you use when writing a novel. This sounded like something useful, as I’ve found it quite difficult dealing with revision status of both the full text and the notes supporting it (storyboard, scene index, character development etc).

I’ve downloaded the software for a thirty day free trial. This, L&L hope, will convince me that I can’t live without their product and I, or rather, my kind daughter, will stump up the asking price.

I have to say that first impressions are not beguiling. The look of the tutorial is very old-fashioned – at least 20 years out-of-date, with a low resolution font that is not easy to work with. If that carries over to the software itself it will be a major disadvantage. I sit here peering at my computer screen most of the day, and if the text is hard to read I will become tired more quickly. Still, I’ll press on and see what the product can do for me.

In the meantime, dear readers, do any of you have experience with this software? I’d love to hear from you if you do! And if any of you want to look at the software for yourselves, you can find it here.