Friday Fictioneers – Omission

Every week, Rochelle Wisoff-Fields sets a challenge, a photoprompt, for a piece of flash fiction that is no longer than 100 words. Everybody is invited to join in the fun! You can find this week’s challenge here Friday Fictioneers 14/07/17 .

FF - Omission 170713

Photoprompt © Janet Webb


It was full summer outside, with a clean, blue sky. The leaves of the plane tree mottled the sun’s light, filling the globe on the desk with a thousand pinpricks of brilliance.

Jennifer looked at the desk, the candlestick with its green and amethyst jewels, the reflected book-cover with its image of a naked form deep in slumber. She looked at him, snoring, unshaven. Drunk.

The door-latch clicked as she raised it, and her heart missed a beat. Even now, she was terrified he would wake up and beat her. But he slept on, pills and suicide note beside him.