What Pegman Saw – The Mountie

“What Pegman saw” is a weekly challenge based on Google Streetview. Using the location provided, you must write a piece of flash fiction of no more than 150 words. You can read the rules here. You can find today’s location on this page,  from where you can also get the Inlinkz code. This week’s prompt is Resolute, Canada, which is located in the High Arctic.

“What Pegman Saw” is a terrific challenge because the modest amount of research you need to do will broaden your understanding of how people react under all sorts of circumstances. And that, of course, is the life blood of any writer! If you haven’t tried it, do give it a go!

WPS - The Mountie 180825

Resolute, NU, Canada | © Google Maps

The Mountie

The school building stood in a grey, gritty landscape by a grey, gritty road. The July sun did little to dispel the cold.

Ross Gibson, formerly of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and now Resolute’s schoolteacher, glanced up at his class working studiously at their desks. Immediately a pupil raised his hand.

“Sir, may I go to the lavatory?”

Craig. It would be. It always was.

Ross gestured and Craig left the classroom, a smirk on his face. Ross followed him silently. Cigarette smoke crept pungent under the toilet door. As Craig emerged, Ross held out his hand. Craig scowled and handed over a packet of cigarettes.

“You ever been seal hunting?” asked Ross.

“No, Sir.”

“Come with me this Saturday.”

Craig looked startled, then nodded. He stopped slouching and stood taller.

Ross grinned to himself. The Mountie always got his man – but it took the teacher to reform him!