When You Call Me…

For my guest post this Thursday, I’ve chosen “When you call me…”, by Kasturimib2010. This is a beautiful poem about love. The poet describes her delight in hearing all sorts of diverse things from her beloved. The illustrations that she chooses demonstrate very clearly and vividly the depth of empathy and mutual comprehension between the two of them. I like the poem very much indeed.

V i a k a t


I am not really the person whom you call up
just to ask “what else is going on,”
I’m the person who loves it
when you call me because that book last night
made your chest ache and you couldn’t sleep.

You call to make me listen
to the sound of rain falling on your courtyard.
To tell me about your dreams of traveling to Antarctica,
or how some art moved you inside,
or maybe to describe
that rare streak of colour across a grey sky.

You can talk to me about the time
when a human made you lose all hope
and yet you found it back in an animal’s eyes.
Tell me about the time when you bunked work
to roam around the city aimlessly,
or the time when you wanted to give it all up
to seek a higher truth.

These are some of the things…

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