Friday Fictioneers – Happy Birthday

Every week, Rochelle Wisoff-Fields (thank you, Rochelle!) hosts a flash fiction challenge, to write a complete story, based on a photoprompt, with a beginning, middle and end, in 100 words or less. Post it on your blog, and include the Photoprompt and Inlinkz on your page. Link your story URL. Then the fun starts as you read other peoples’ stories and comment on them!

FF - Happy Birthday - 200611


Happy Birthday

“What are we going to give Mum for her birthday?” asked Sandra.

James shrugged.

“A brooch?”

“What good is that? She never wears a jacket.”

“I dunno. Helen’s your mum not mine.”

“We’ve got to think of something special. It’s her seventieth after all.”

“A track day in a supercar?” James ducked. “No! Only joking!”

By eight o’clock on her birthday Helen was looking down at Buckfast Abbey, all sharp-angled shadows in the sunshine. The hot air balloon carrying her drifted serenely over the Devon countryside. She sipped vintage champagne whose bubbles prickled her nose.

“What a birthday!” she murmured.

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One Year Old!

I’ve just realised that it is exactly one year since I created this blog, Autumn Leaves!

Thank you to everybody who has read it, commented on posts, and followed me.  I’d particularly like to thank Rochelle, Joshua and Karen for providing prompts for the flash fiction challenges ‘Friday Fictioneers’ and ‘What Pegman Saw’.

Autumn Leaves first birthday 171107

During the last twelve months, I have blogged 166 posts, which have received over 6,500 views, with 173 people following the blog. It’s been read by people from 63 different countries, something I find almost unbelievable!

To celebrate, here are links to three of my favourite posts

‘Me’ time, a 100 word piece of flash fiction with a twist that surprised everybody.

Persistence of Vision, a poem celebrating my wife after 42 years of happy marriage.

A heavy bag, which is an allegory in the form of a short story

Next year

So, what shall I do in the next twelve months?

I plan to spend three hours every day working on my novel.

I intend to take a creative writing course.

I shall continue to participate in at least one flash fiction challenge – they’ve been very helpful for improving my writing skills.


Thank you all so very much for supporting my efforts to become a better writer; and thank you for the friendship that has been shared so freely!