Friday Fictioneers – Spreading her wings

Every week, Rochelle Wisoff-Fields (thank you, Rochelle!) hosts a flash fiction challenge, to write a complete story, based on a photoprompt, with a beginning, middle and end, in 100 words or less. Post it on your blog, and include the Photoprompt and Inlinkz on your page. Link your story URL. Then the fun starts as you read other peoples’ stories and comment on them!


Spreading her wings

“Will you be writing to Mark?” asked Angela’s mother, Maureen, as they waited together for the Cambridge train.

Angela smiled. “No, probably not”, she said.

“He’s such a nice young man.”

“You sound as though you fancy him, Ma!”

“Good looking, well off, what’s not to like?”

“Uni’s a new beginning; I’m going to spread my wings, see how far I can go.”

Maureen raised her eyebrows.

“I expect he’ll get over it, Ma,” said Angela.

The train was pulling into the station. Maureen hugged Angela tightly. Her eyes were moist.

“Go and do brilliantly, lovely daughter,” she whispered, fiercely.

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44 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – Spreading her wings

    • Thank you for your kind comment, Sandra. I had your writing very much in mind when I decided how to respond to the prompt. I always admire the way you emphasise the personal and human in your stories.


  1. Hopefully Angela will learn to value her past more. I do regret not learning sooner to value every minute and contact in life. My diary’s would have been so much better, had I done so

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    • Thank you for your thoughtful comment, Michael. You are wise to appreciate every moment to the full, knowing that this also will leave strong, vivid memories for the future.


    • Thank you for the clear-eyed comment, Linda! I’m really glad to know how you perceived Angela, because she’s a significant character in the novel I’m working on. You’re right, Angela is worldly-wise and intends to marry someone rich and influential.

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  2. What an excellent mother daughter conversation. Angela has all the confidence of youth, and boy do we need that when we start out. And a mother who tells us to ‘go and do brilliantly ,lovely daughter.’ A beautiful story.

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    • Thank you for your detailed and thoughtful comment, Jenne. It’s very helpful for me to have feedback like this because it confirms that the story has the effect I want. This is the opening of the novel I’m working on at the moment, and it’s crucial that I get the tone exactly right. Thank you for your help!

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      • Real life is REAL messy! 😉
        But … it is okay to have a brief period of “I think I’m an adult and know everything” bliss before the mess hits the proverbial fan and we realize life includes the constant companionship of a mop and a bucket. … 😉

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  3. I don’t think Angela’s heart was involved in that affair. Kudos to Maureen for taking it all so well. She’d probably have liked Angela to be married and live close by. All power to Angela.

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    • Thank you for your thoughtful comment, Gabi. I think Angela and Maureen are very alike. They are both capable of suppressing their immediate emotional wishes in order to achieve their long-term goals.


    • Thank you for your penetrating comment, James. You’re exactly right about the dynamic between Angela and Maureen. I’m glad you enjoyed the piece – it’s actually the opening lines of the novel that I’m currently working on.

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  4. I wish her well. There is no sense in rushing “permanent” decisions at her age. There will be many who will try to net the free butterfly. Only she decides where she lands and for how long. I admire her confidence as she begins her next life adventure.

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