Friday Fictioneers – No Way Back

Every week, Rochelle Wisoff-Fields (thank you, Rochelle!) hosts a flash fiction challenge, to write a complete story, based on a photoprompt, with a beginning, middle and end, in 100 words or less. Post it on your blog, and include the Photoprompt and Inlinkz on your page. Link your story URL. Then the fun starts as you read other peoples’ stories and comment on them!


No way back

The Christmas Market was in full swing. Anne glanced up from the savoury delights of the delicatessen and saw Charles. She stiffened and held her head high. She wasn’t going to approach him, not after last night.

Neither would she hide. She strutted past him, cutting him dead.

“Anne. Anne!”

The voice pursued her.

There was a flurry of feet, and there he was. She stopped.

“I’m sorry for last night, I really am. I was nervous. I drank too much…” He dropped to one knee. “Will you marry me, Anne?”

Anne fingered her bruised cheek.

“No way,” she said.

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41 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – No Way Back

  1. Great story, Penny. I thought this was going to be a true romance. The startling ending made me appreciate all the more the strength of the woman in this tale. She’s wise to walk away. Too many, unfortunately, lack that fortitude and deceive themselves.

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  2. She made the right decision. I thought he had stood her up but the touching of the cheek made me realize that what happened between was far more serious and would only get worse if she had married him. Good for her for turning him down. It probably saved her life.

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  3. Dear Penny,

    She’s a wise woman. If a man will do that to a woman he’s dating, he’ll be worse once he has her in the clutches of matrimony. No number of apologies will negate that kind of abuse. Well done in so few words.



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    • Thank you for the kind comment, Michael. You’re right; there’s no argument for his behaviour. If he’d been horrified immediately and repented in dust and ashes (so to speak) – well, maybe. But coming back with a ring and a proposal is far too manipulative.

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