What Pegman Saw – Saints and Martyrs

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WPS - Saints and Martyrs 190622 

Santa Ana, El Salvador | Lopez Lopez, Google Maps

Saints and Martyrs

I pulled out my transistor radio ready for Archbishop Romero’s weekly sermon. My fiancée, Carlotta, wound her fingers through mine, her apprehension palpable. Would there be news of her brother? Would he be one of those on the grim lists of victims of torture and murder that the Archbishop read out?

I could hear other radios down the street – everybody listened, despite the ban, because this was how we, the poor and defenceless, found out what was happening.

Carlotta’s brother wasn’t mentioned.

A month later, the Archbishop was dead. A man burst into the hospice chapel where he was celebrating mass, and shot him twice. They say he forgave his killer with his dying breath. He’s a saint now.

And Carlotta? She and I joined the throng for the Archbishop’s funeral. As we drew near to the cathedral, the security forces fired on the crowd. My beloved, my dearest – dead…

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12 thoughts on “What Pegman Saw – Saints and Martyrs

    • Dear Josh
      Thank you for reading and commenting. The story of Archbishop Oscar Romero is long and emotionally complex. My 150 word story doesn’t begin to do it justice. I found it particularly appalling that the security forces fired on the crowd attending his funeral, killing 30 – 50 people – to this day nobody is sure of the number of casualties.
      With very best wishes

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  1. Dear Crimsonprose
    Thank you for reading and commenting. As you rightly say, a sad story. I wish it were completely fictional, but unfortunately the events described are true.
    With best wishes


  2. A most wrenching story that took and even more tragic turn at the end. Sadly, only too plausible of a chapter in El Salvador’s bloody history.

    My apologies for taking so long to get to your story! I was at a workshop over the weekend.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Dear Karen
      Thank you for reading and commenting. I remember the martyrdom of Oscar Romero; a truly shocking event. He was canonised in 2018. Just as shocking, though, was the slaughter of between 30 and 50 members of the crowd that flocked to his funeral.
      No apologies are needed for taking a few days to read my story! I hope the workshop went well, and was interesting.
      With very best wishes

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