A Writer’s Perspective

Here is another piece of flash fiction. Again, it’s a ‘Drabble’ being 100 words long and having a beginning, middle and end. It was inspired by a scene I saw on holiday, but it’s completely fictional. Rather entertainingly, we subsequently met some of the performers – including the two lads – in a taverna and were able to express our enjoyment of the concert.


A writer’s perspective

Those who were to perform in the Festival concert were in the front rows of the audience. Two young men sat side by side. The compere introduced a piece for solo piano, and both boys stood up. One went to the piano, the other stood at the side, recording a video of the performance.

Were they a gay couple, I wondered? The youth turned, looked at me; I smiled back.

Afterwards, he asked me why I had stared at him, rather than watch his friend performing.

“I am a writer. I have to look where other people are not looking.”

5 thoughts on “A Writer’s Perspective

  1. Oh, Penny! Couldn´t you change the last sentence? Than I would say I understand! ““I am a writer. I have to look where other people are not looking.”…I was feeling the story just until this last sentence. Eye contact can be a magical thing. It can just disconcert you. Sometimes, it is just fortuity chance, but sometimes you fix somebody for some reason…….

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  2. I’m glad I’m not the only one at live show who actually looks and probably stares a little, at other actors, directors , stage hands, etc, anything but the show on stage, i seem to engross myself in the outskirts out-runners of the show, as they busily go about their tasks, in backgrounds of the production……..

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  3. Thank you Penny and thanks also Ivor, I think I understood now. The normal big events have also no need to be written down..people can feel them “live”. The more interessting things are the little secrets, which happens in silence?

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