Holiday – blogging schedule

Well, it’s time for some guaranteed hot sunshine day after day, so tomorrow I fly out to Greece. I shall be staying in a small, beautiful old city called Nauplio (pronounced Nafplio) and making day trips to Mycenae, Epidauros (for a performance at the ancient theatre), Nemea, Argos, and doubtless other places. I shall also be drinking ouzo, and enjoying Greek food.dsc00433

If anybody wants me, I’ll be under the plane tree in the photograph!

I shall post the final instalment of “At first sight” on Saturday 15th July, for those loyal readers who have been following the serial!

All my other blog posts are likely to be related to my holiday. They’ll mostly be written for my own pleasure, as a record.

I may do “Friday Fictioneers” (well, it’s addictive, isn’t it?)

I shall be back to my usual schedule by Tuesday 1st August! 


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