Friday Fictioneers – The Old Way

PHOTO PROMPT © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

The wall had protected the town for centuries. Each arched stone entrance had been defended by strong oak gates, a heavy iron portcullis and a dozen warriors. Towards those outside the city, the king and his council were implacable. Towards those inside they were placatory, rewarding their cronies with favours.

Now the ancient wall is almost lost among younger dwellings, and the king’s council has been devoured by local bureaucracy. But some things haven’t changed. The electrical cables to the mayor’s house should be protected by conduits. Instead, they are slowly fraying against his shutters.

20 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – The Old Way

    • just to be sure, that I understood the problem: You mean the king is still there, and fights against the wishes of the younger dwellings ( f.e. the mayor´s house)?


  1. What an amazing satire on the ruling class and their mode of operation. The electrical cables being only one example of their crawling processes . Hahaha .

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  2. Thank you for the like and the comment, Diane. I love old cities beneath new ones too. One of my favourites is Argos in Greece. The site has been a city for over four thousand years! Whenever they want to do any building works, the developer has, by law, to call in an archaeologist to advise on all the finds that will be made. Argos has a wonderful ancient theatre, too, even bigger than the one at Epidauros. Do you know Greece at all?


  3. Thank you for the comment, James. Yes, a fire seems likely. Of course, it’s possible that the penny-pinching mayor might notice and call in an electrician. Personally, I wouldn’t hold my breath!


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