Short story – The trouble with heaven

Every Saturday I have been posting an episode of ‘At first sight’, and last Saturday was episode 5. There are (probably) three more to go. I suddenly realised that I’m missing writing other stuff, and some of my readers might prefer more variety too. So here is a whimsical piece of flash fiction that I hope you’ll enjoy!

Trouble with heaven 170628

“The trouble with heaven,” thought Edwin, “is the singing.” It was all very well if you had a wonderful voice like his best mate, Luciano. Or if you were a rock god (oops, sorry, he thought) like his other best mate, Brian. You could sing your heart out, as though you were headlining at Glastonbury. Very satisfying, no doubt, only he was tone-deaf with a sense of rhythm that stuttered like a car running out of fuel.

Other people told him how lucky he was to stand between Luciano and Brian. Edwin, though, felt it was probably a ruse by Saint Peter to ensure that he didn’t spoil the ensemble of the heavenly host.

Then he was handed the microphone for a solo.

4 thoughts on “Short story – The trouble with heaven

  1. Haha. I like it. I am curious about this idea of heaven. Might I branch off from it in one of the Frank died stories? I can empathize with Edwin. A car running out of fuel is the perfect way to describe my sense of rhythm. No one better hand me a microphone. The ambiguity of the last line is perfect. Thanks for sending me this way.

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  2. Thank you for your very flattering comment. I’d be honoured if you branched off from this idea of heaven as part of one of the Frank died stories. I’m surprised you say you have a poor sense of rhythm; your rhythm with words is impeccable!


  3. Haha, very good pennygadd51…you got kind of style of flash, but without this depressigly atmosphere…I like the start…the trouble of heaven….is singing….: )…even though I was scrolling and scrolling to read on…nothing the end!!! O.K. it´s a funny end, indeed but I wished some more sentences! Well, and I would not believe Flash, that he has no sense of rhythm….he is a story-teller, you forgot?

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