In the moment – Three worlds

wp_20160127_11_48_12_richI wrote this poem late one August afternoon, sitting in the sunshine beside my fishpond. I thought about living in the moment – but which moment in which world? Sometimes, if we wish to be in the moment, we have to look beneath our surface feelings into a place that may look dark; but may, too, be a home of beauty.

Three worlds

The koi, red, black, white, metallic gold, slip through the water,

Their paths traced by slow ripples that roll across the pond

To make a panelled lattice of silver, through which the fish

Slide, now visible, now unseen,

Hide, by light, by movement.

A vine’s reflection, leaves hard-edged against

The black and silver water, seems more solid than the plant itself

As it strives sunwards from the same root in the bank.

The moment of reality shimmers.

Red, black, white, metallic gold, appear – and vanish.

4 thoughts on “In the moment – Three worlds

  1. It is so true that our life is full of colours but because of our stubborn neglegence towards life, these colours vanish. It was beautiful what you said, that we want to live in the moment, but which moment of which world? We all live in our own world, but which moment will give us redemption? Loved what you wrote in free verse.

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  2. This is beautiful Penny! I felt the ripples touch my heart but yet I know there is so much more hidden in its depths just beyond my reach – 4 like your fishpond. And that i have recently come to understand is the best kind of poem😊

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  3. Thank you for such a lovely, perceptive comment, Dahlia! I’m so glad the poem touched your heart. BTW did you understand why the title of the poem is “Three worlds”? There is the world in which we air-breathing creatures live. There is the world in which water-breathing creatures, my beautiful koi, live. But which is the third world? If you understand what the third world is, you’ll fully understand what I was trying to say.


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